How does one study and get the most benefit from the courses?

SeekersHub is committed to providing educational material that will aid their students in learning in the most effective manner. Several learning strategies are effective methods of mastering the material being covered:

  • Students may listen to the audio at least once, while taking notes. These notes may then be studied as often as necessary.
  • Students may listen to the audio repeatedly, while commuting or while doing other rote work, and with repetition the student will gain mastery of the material covered.
  • Students of knowledge (tulab al-`ilm) may wish to purchase the text in Arabic, and follow along as the course is being taught.
  • These students should also read over future lessons, before actually accessing the audio for those classes. This will aid in the long term retention of the material being covered.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions as they arise, while listening to the audio
  • Assignments and review questions which are given should be honestly attempted and completed within reasonable time
  • Students should pace themselves so that they are listening to a regular amount of course material daily or weekly (according to their own preference). It is to the students' advantage to listen to all audio before the semester end date, as they will be able to access their instructor during this time (either via the SeekersForum or by the live Question & Answer sessions.)


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