How do I drop a course or transfer to another course?

Transferring to another course is simply withdrawing from one course and registering for another one. To know if a course is still open for registration or not visit the Course Catalog, click on the course to go to the course registration page and verify that the course registration has not been closed.[1]

Students can withdraw from any course anytime during the term. 

Please follow the steps below to withdraw from a course:

  1. Log in to SeekersHub Online Academy
  2. After logging in, find the course you wish to withdraw from under either "Current courses:" or "Upcoming courses:"
  3. For Upcoming courses, click the "Withdraw from course" link under the course title
  4. For Current courses, click the course title to go to the course page and click "Unenrol me from ..." in the Administration panel(located on the left sidebar)

Another way to withdraw is to login and then go to your on your profile(by clicking on your name in blue link in the top right side of the page). Your profile should show the list of courses you are currently enrolled into. Click on the name of the course. The button below should now say "Unenrol me from <course name>". Click on that and confirm to withdraw from that course.

It is recommended that students withdraw from a course before the semester begins if they are reasonably sure they cannot attend it. This will help us free up space for other students. 

[1] We may allow enrollment into a course even after registration is closed on a case by case basis. Send an email to with your request, or file a request at


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