How do SeekersHub courses work?

At SeekersHub, most of the course materials are pre-recorded in download-able audio format with 12 lessons per term. Each lesson is  about 1-2 hours long. Once the semester begins, students will get access to all lesson material for most courses. They may download them and study at their own pace whenever and wherever they want.


Most courses have recommended quizzes after each lesson. These quizzes test the students’ understanding of the lesson just completed. It is highly recommended that students attempt these quizzes for their benefit but it is not a requirement.

Live Sessions and Attendance

Generally, there are only 3 live sessions per term except for the Qur'anic Recitation & Qur'an Memorization courses that will have a live session every week. Attendance of these live sessions for general courses is not necessary but is highly recommended since students can get their questions answered live from their instructors and benefit from detailed explanations not available in the pre-recorded audio sessions.  Attendance in Qur'anic Recitation & Qur'an Memorization courses' live sessions however, is a requirement to pass the course.

Timings and dates for live sessions will be available on the top of the main course page(after logging in) once they are confirmed. The live sessions for general courses are recorded and can be viewed later by people who may have missed them.


SeekersHub courses also consist of SeekersForum where students can ask relevant questions to their instructors.

This  video  briefly explains how SeekersHub courses work.


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